What We’re About



New challenges in digital pedagogy deserve new solutions

Education in the United States is under an incredible digital revolution. Vivacity Tech PBC was formed by industry leaders and expert entrepreneurs to provide solutions for the newest challenges facing Education institutions today. Our team is comprised of seasoned product designers, software developers, computer technicians, customer service advocates and logistics personnel. We’re driven to create and provide custom solutions for our customers at unprecedented pricing.

Additionally, we’re proud to be the first Public Benefit Corporation to provide tech to schools and we’re passionate about our mission. Upon incorporation, we were mandated to outline a specific Public Benefit our company was going to have. We felt that “giving back a portion of our profits for the proliferation of digital technology-backed pedagogy” allowed us to leverage our skills and abilities for the betterment of our industry. Not only have we opted for more government oversight to be held accountable in our mission, but we’ve taken the additional step in giving every employee in our company special PTO for volunteering activities in our local community.

We believe business can and should be done better. We look forward to partnering with you.


Leadership Team